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SMEs could deliver 25k more homes
New HBF report highlights the challenges faced by SME house builders and sets out a range of proposals to address red tape barriers. Over the past 25 years the number of SME builders has reduced by 80%, but just getting back to the number operating in 2007 could produce an additional 25,000 homes a year.
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Mega city

London tops ‘construction mega cities’ list
London is at the top of a list of ‘construction mega cities’ with total project values close to $426bn, according to a new report. Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) new report, entitled ‘Global Construction Mega Cities’, features a list of 50 cities, each with a total project investment above $30bn.. Read the full article here.



CIOB launches ethical construction MOOC
The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Academy is launching a massive open online course (MOOC), tailor made for construction professionals. The course, which lasts five weeks, is free and open to anyone working in the built environment sector globally.Read the full article here. 


MDF recycling “breakthrough”
The world’s first ever technology to recycle MDF waste has moved a step closer following successful proof of concept trials. MDF Recovery said the trials success to develop a commercially viable process to recover wood fibre from waste MDF was the culmination of six years’ research and development. Read the full article here. 



cyber attack

Four in 10 buildings exposed to cyber risks
Survey finds 39% of building clients say that they don’t take any steps to protect smart installations in buildings from cyber threats. Half of respondents to the survey (49%) said that the risk of hacking, and its impact on unsecured networks, was a potential barrier to installing connected technology, highlighting the inherent cyber threats to buildings in the modern era. Read the full article here


DurhamNew programme to retrain veterans
Combat to Construction, a skills programme aimed at retraining veterans in trades such as bricklaying and carpentry, starts in the north east. A skills programme aimed bringing former military personnel into the construction industry has begun, with the first veterans starting work. Read the full article here

IndiaTurning waste into drinking water
Researchers develop new solar-powered water purification system that turns sewage water into clean drinking water in India. This technology solves two problems at once by providing clean drinking water and by reducing the spread of disease caused by untreated sewage.
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GaragesCall to convert council garages into homes
Councils are sitting on more than 22,000 empty garages in London, with total local authority stock equivalent to at least 16,000 homes. But that number would possibly increase by at least fourfold to more than 64,400 new properties if four-storey apartment blocks were built in a viable location.  Read the full article


MITSuper material breakthrough
MIT researchers develop material 10 times as strong as steel. A team of researchers at US university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has designed one of the strongest lightweight materials known by compressing and fusing flakes of graphene.. Read the full article here




Trump urged to take action
Hundreds of architects sign open letter calling on Trump to reconsider climate stance. Organised by the coalition Architects Advocate, which formed during the presidential election in 2016, the letter spells out three actions the president should take to "turn our climate challenge into an unrivalled economic opportunity". Read the full article here. 


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