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From Concept to Manufacture: How Nulok Global answered the call for installation demand using innovation to master product differentiation

In today’s crowded landscape, the ability to demonstrate a real competitive advantage is what sets manufacturers apart from their competition. Innovation is one thing, but showing innovation that is credible, and performs against a specific functional requirement, takes innovation from idea to result. And often, this advantage is gained by third party verification and certification: providing reassurance within the market that the product does what it claims.

Nulok Global had designed and manufactured a new roofing system to answer a clear demand for the installation of robust, fire resistant roofs alongside solar PV. They knew that there had to be a way to install slate and solar without compromising the aesthetics or roof load weight. And so they created the Nulok roofing system.


Tell us about the Nulok roofing System:

The Nulok Roofing System consists of 3 components: Metal Battens, Link Channels and Spring-loaded Clips, all of which can be fully recycled. The battens are installed in replacement of a timber batten, with the link channels snap-fitted to the batten to form an interlocking grid system. The link channels will eliminate the need to side lap tiles or slate, which reduces the quantity of slate used on each job. Finally, the spring-loaded clips hold the slate, ceramic tile and solar tiles in place.

But creating a system that just performs a function, without acknowledgement or thought around the impact it holds on the environment, is something that Nulok Global was driven to avoid, which is why Nulok takes pride in the fact that all three components of the roofing system can be recycled

How did the innovation of this project come to life?

The idea was born out of market demand for a product that would offer a strong roofing system that could also integrate solar due to the increasing need for renewable energy, without damaging the aesthetics and roof load weight.

Although originally designed for the Australian market, the system, which is now also available in the UK, caters to a range of roofing property types, from slate to ceramic, heritage to commercial. Through extensive Research and Development, Nulok were able to innovate and patent their Nulok Roofing System, and with the continued global demand for a light-weight roofing system and the steady increase in solar demand, Nulok increased and developed their international presence throughout Europe and the USA.

What makes the Nulok roofing system stand out?

With fully recyclable components and a reduced need to use slate materials, the Nulok system is reported to weigh a maximum 27.3kg m² fully loaded Nulok also consider their product to be able to be fully-installed offsite, as well the option to include integrated solar equipment.

With the construction industry tackling the ongoing concerns over a lack of skilled labour and workforce, the simplicity and ease of the Nulok Roofing System claims to rapidly increase the installation time by up to 30-40%, implying that more roofs can be completed in a lot less time. Nulok also offer the option to train installers and teams to gain even more efficiencies in installation.


Why BBA Certification?

Nulok were ready for growth; the Australian market had responded well to the product, and they recognised that BBA certification meant that time to market would be faster, as ‘having the BBA certification answers a lot of questions without the long drawn out process that would be the eventuality without it,’ says Randal Stevenson, CEO Nulok Global.

BBA certification adds further credibility to the Nulok Roofing Systems reputation, helping to ensure Customers, Contractors and Architects that the system meets the necessary criteria within the built environment. And with BBA Agrément Certification, and the post-certification quality plan means that ongoing risks are mitigated through continuous production surveillance and reviews, demonstrating a continuous commitment to ensuring the product performs against the criteria it was certified.


Working in collaboration to achieve results:

With the ongoing global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, construction has been impacted heavily, from material shortages to workforce limitations and access to skilled labour. It was important to Nulok to work with the BBA, gaining access to skill and expertise throughout the certification process that enabled them to build their product development roadmap for the long-run.

“To have BBA certification is to show that the system has been tested to the highest standards expected here in the UK, and will undoubtedly assure contractors and Architects that our system is a very real, sustainable and viable roof option for rapid onsite and offsite installation.

We can now move forward and show that the Nulok Roofing System offers homeowners, developers and architects, not only a beautiful, sustainable roof, but peace of mind that it has been tested to the highest standards expected of the UK construction industry.

We have only recently received the new certificate, but this has already proven to be a big plus with current and new potential clients.

The team at BBA worked tirelessly to ensure we got our certificate at the earliest opportunity. We were able to speak with their team whenever we needed to, which helped us know where in the process we were at all times.” Randal Stevenson, CEO, Nulok Global


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