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Case Study - ACB GROUP

12 Jul 2021
Craig Mulcahy
ACB Group is an Irish Business and is 100% Irish Owned. Founded in 2003 by Managing Director, Mark Quigley, the business has experienced phenomenal growth over the past number of years. CEO, Georgina Quigley has been the strategic lead for the business since 2013 and has used Digital Transformation as a driver of success for the business. With over 18 years of experience, ACB Group are the market leaders in Roofing, Cladding and External Envelope Solutions. They offer market leading data centre solutions, working collaboratively to design and build state-of-the-art buildings for their clients.


ACB were in the market for a flexible CRM solution that would manage project related communications & pipeline management.

Key needs:

  • Migration of spreadsheets to CRM
  • Identifying Key Accounts
  • Key Account Management 
  • CIS & Barbour ABI integration 
  • Forecasting from within CRM
  • Custom Reporting
  • Report Visualisation through GeoMaps


After conducting an in-depth Business Process Review with Georgina and her team, a project scope was created.

The project was split into 2 phases, CRM & Advanced Analytics.  

Configuration of the CRM as per ACB’s needs was completed first, with most customisation being around Account Management. 

Once ACB were ready to go live, we imported their Excel data.

CBOS Fusion was installed, which allowed ACB to manage their CIS & Barbour ABI data from within the CRM.

Analytics was added to the CRM, which allowed ACB to conduct more complex reports. For example, Geo-Mapping depicting the count of deals from different locations, segregated by stage.

The ACB team were extremely hands-on during the onboarding process and required minimal training.


“ACB Group chose ConstructionBos to help facilitate the digital transformation of our pipeline management and tendering process in a time where customer focus and delivering value to our customers is vital.
We opted to add on Analytics to visualise our live data. We used Geo-Mapping and other analytics features so we can focus on our customers, the projects we are collaborating on and the key areas of the relationship.
Being a global business, we must be mobile and have teams ready to begin work on a site in an instant. Geo-Mapping helps us in making these quick, decisive decisions.

Overall ConstructionBOS will help improve our business process and the value we bring to our customers. The CRM is easy to use, feature-rich and great value!”

Georgina Quigley, CEO ACB Group 

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