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Brick and Mortar Tinting

19 Apr 2023
Martin Kent
Martin Kent from Brick Makeover
A long time coming...

For this customer, this job was a long time coming! The job was completed on a private residential property on the corner of a main road in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. The client moved into this delightful house 4 years ago, but since living there, the poor appearance of the exterior of the building had always been on their mind.

This was quite a big job as well! The customer wanted brick-and-mortar tinting on both the front and back of the house which was approximately 40 square metres on each side. One of the aspects of this job that took a bit more time and attention to detail was that there was clear evidence that shutters had been removed from the property which left old paint marks on the building. We carefully scraped off the remaining paint and gently cleaned the area due to some residual ghost staining being present.

Once the area was prepared our expert tinting technicians then mixed their magic with a combination of 6 different colours for this particular tinting solution. We applied the tinting solution and artificially dried the area to ensure the colour we mixed was correct. From there we then completed the job by tinting the mortar which always ties the house together and takes it from being a nice home to a beautiful home.

The client had the house revalued shortly after we did the work and they actually emailed us to let us know that our work had added value to the property and the valuation noted the high-quality brickwork and exterior appearance of the house.

Have you got an old home in need of some TLC before you sell it? Our brick tinting service can add value to your property and restore it to its former glory! Get your free quote online today!

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