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Bonava wants to change the construction industry in co-operation with Congrid

10 Jul 2019
Building residential apartments and residential areas in the Nordic region, Bonava has been using the Congrid application for about two years.

Building residential apartments and residential areas in the Nordic region, Bonava has been using the Congrid application for about two years. With the application, Bonava has gotten rid of the stacks of paper and moved to the digital world, which includes security reports, quality management and site diaries.

– Before the observations were marked on a paper. As an example, it was quite challenging in rainy weather. Today, with the help of Congrid, everything is handled electronically and it is much easier, says Tom Helenius, Site Manager at Bonava.

In the digitalisation of the construction industry, Congrid has become a pioneer, according to Olli Niemelä, Production Engineer at Bonava.

– Congrid wants to move the industry forward and make projects more transparent between all parties. It’s really a great thing, Niemelä emphasises.

– At the same time, the operations will be systematic, as each site have the same checklists, Helenius continues.

The everyday life of the Site Manager is changing

After the implementation of the application, Site Managers have had more time to be present on the site.

The change in everyday life is that with the use of Congrid we are able to do the work that Site Managers are supposed to do, which is to oversee the on-site project progress Helenius emphasizes.

A Site Manager’s everyday life becomes easier when the information moves in real time and stays safe.

Real-time data transfer to all parties and information is available for everyone. It’s simple and easy. Everyone at the site has a mobile device, so the latest plans and inspection forms are always included. At the same time, forms and reports are automatically documented and archived, according to Helenius.

Created from user needs

According to Helenius and Niemelä, Congrid is particularly effective because it was created by the needs of the user and has been developed by people who have worked in the industry. Congrid has an understanding of where the construction industry should be, Helenius and Niemelä comments.

– I have not come across other alternatives that could offer a similar application and service. When a user starts to use Congrid, it performs perfectly out of the box, Helenius emphasises.

– Using the program is straightforward and easy. Making mistakes is reduced to a minimum and the program guides the user. All trained employees have noticed the benefits of the application, from younger to older, comments Niemelä, who is the application’s main user at Bonava.

A Desire to develop the industry 

The common desire of Congrid and Bonava is to renew and develop the construction industry.

– Our goal is to increase the quality control at building sites and to make safety observations.The number of errors will be reduced and we will be able to hand over flawless apartments to end users. Congrid plays a huge role in this, Helenius praises. 

– I recommend Congrid to anyone who works in the construction industry. In the future, our common goal is to get subcontractors involved in order to further expand the sharing of data between all parties.

– We want to develop the construction industry and we have a long-term commitment to promoting healthy action, Helenius decides.


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