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Ashley Down Station

SDS Limited Stand: N140
Ashley Down Station
SDS flood prevention and environmental protection system


Located in the greener landscapes of North-West Bristol, the Ashley Down Station project stands out as a symbol of advancement in this busy city by complementing and enhancing its green surroundings with tree planting initiatives that further enrich the verdant surroundings and create a more vibrant and ecologically balanced urban environment. As a pivotal component of the MetroWest Rail Improvement Programme’s Phase 2, this initiative, spearheaded by the West of England Combined Authority, symbolises a concerted effort towards enhancing regional connectivity and sustainability. With a strategic focus on providing faster, more environmentally friendly access to the city centre and surrounding areas, Ashley Down Station epitomises the fusion of modern transportation infrastructure with ecological consciousness. Amidst a backdrop of historical significance, the station’s revival not only revitalises Bristol’s railway heritage but also serves as a catalyst for economic growth and community development.


Tasked with the challenge of implementing a comprehensive surface water attenuation and treatment system at Ashley Down Station, SDS rose to the occasion with ingenuity and expertise. Our team meticulously engineered solutions to ensure seamless integration of hard and soft landscaping elements, safeguarding pedestrian walkways, cycle shelters, and car parking spaces from the perils of extreme rainfall events. In accordance with the strict regulations outlined in the Bristol Council Local Plan, our drainage strategy prioritised environmental preservation and flood risk mitigation.


The culmination of our efforts at Ashley Down Station stands as a testament to the efficacy of our integrated approach to water management and environmental protection. With the successful execution of our solutions, Ashley Down Station now boasts significant resilience against flooding risks, safeguarding critical infrastructure and preserving the local ecosystem. Our proactive measures have not only ensured the uninterrupted operation of rail services but have also mitigated the potential for waterborne pollutants to endanger watercourses and habitats.

By surpassing regulatory requirements and adhering to the Environment Act 2021 and the Council’s Doubling Nature Strategy, we have not only averted adverse impacts on protected species but have also facilitated a substantial net gain in biodiversity, enriching the surrounding environment. Through our collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence, Ashley Down Station stands as a beacon of sustainable development, embodying the principles of environmental stewardship and innovation in infrastructure design.


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