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UKCW London: 2-4 May 2023 | ExCeL
UKCW Birmingham: 3-5 October 2023 | NEC



UK Construction Week

Net Zero @ UK Construction Week

Net Zero @ UK Construction Week

NEW for 2022, a dedicated Net Zero area at UK Construction Week will showcase latest innovation that will help make the built environment become more sustainable.

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There has never been greater awareness that action needs to be taken to reduce carbon emissions as we strive to become net zero, everyone involved in the built environment has a huge role to play. The Construction Leadership Council’s initiative CO2nstruct Zero has provided a standard for the whole industry to get behind, and UK Construction Week is getting behind as well.

At the 2022 Birmingham event, manufacturers, suppliers, and partners will educate the industry on how to meet the standards that are required to become more sustainable and ensure Net Zero targets are achievable. 

We are in an exciting era where new building methods and innovation can lead us to a Net Zero construction industry, UK Construction Week is the place to learn how.

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What's On

ZERO Stand built by Natural Building Systems


ZERO has collaborated with Natural Building Systems to create a stand that utilises leading ultra-low-carbon modular technology.

Check out the lounge, gallery and stand to connect with the change-makers who are pushing the industry to achieve net zero.


ZERO Workshop Hub

The “ZERO Workshop Hub” will focus on how digital tools, methods and skills are improving the performance of projects and leading to lower emissions. These workshop hubs will also show how maximising DfMA at renewably powered facilities can move us towards net zero emissions. They’ll also explore material selection, construction plant, equipment, labour and transport, and the role of technology and digitalisation in these areas.

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A.I. Art Exhibition - Two Futures

A Tale of Two Cities

We are at a fork in the road, our future will be determined in the coming years, and this AI art exhibition will be a glimpse of our two possible futures.

ZERO has used the A.I. art tool Midjourney to create a gallery of two cities, that we hope will both inspire and scare you.

The gallery will feature art of a city from one future that has achieved net zero, which UK Construction Week and the construction industry is striving for. The alternative future shows a city which is ravaged by climate change.

  • zerocity-500
  • doomcity-500

Meet the people behind the 'Zero Next' movement. ZERO Next is a new movement within ZERO, focusing on young people, with a fast growing global network of students and young professionals who are making strong demands on the construction  industry. We know what we want from the construction industry, and we want it now!

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