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As the world’s leading network in the field of innovative materials, MaterialDistrict empowers global innovation by match-making material needs with material solutions. With six market sector categories - ‘Architecture’, ‘Interiors’, ‘Apparel & Textiles’, ‘Urban & Landscapes’, ‘Products’, and ‘Graphics & Packaging’ – the MaterialDistrict network encourages joint innovation towards a better, more sustainable and higher quality society.

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Exhibition “Material Innovation”

Future material issues will have to do with energy, available resources, and our general health. Titled “Material Innovation”, MaterialDistrict’s exhibition inspires you with materials and tools to deal with these issues.

MaterialDistrict selects 60 materials for this special exhibition “Material Innovation”, such as ceramics made with cow dung, aluminium and algae foam, paper tiles, and leather made from cow stomachs.

The expo also shows you acoustic solutions such as panels made from conifer needles, coffee-based composites and translucent concrete.

For exterior and interior use, with functional properties and aesthetic use: come and be inspired with all your senses, touch, feel and experience the innovative building materials of the future.

 'Innovation at your fingertips'

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