HVAC 2019


If you are cold, put a coat on – a coat of paint that is. At HVAC 2017, part of this year’s UK Construction Week, Ecovolt will be demonstrating its innovative way of turning gypsum plasterboard walls into very efficient radiant heaters - using paint!

Ecovolt’s JouleTherm CeP is growing in popularity in the UK and Ireland and has even been used in Marco Pierre White’s Courtyard restaurant in Dublin.

The product was created by Ecovolt founder Stephen Dempsey when he was researching a new composite material to improve his ceramic radiators’ performance. He explored the prospect of producing a heating element from a conductive coating that was uniform and had very strong lifespan properties.

Stephen explains: “I began to work with carbon graphite and other substrates to create a sandwich-like element between two ceramic plates. However, during my testing, I had no ceramic plates large enough for the heating area I wanted so I purchased some gypsum plasterboard and cut them up to the size I required and began to apply the coating.

“After applying the voltage, I stood back and the plasterboards began to heat up. It was then that my ‘Eureka’ moment happened and I thought - why not just make the plasterboard the actual radiator?”

Stephen says JouleTherm CeP will be of particular interest to housing associations, electrical trade companies, property managers and fabricated modular construction companies. He also believes electrical contractors and installers will be key players in the success of the JouleTherm CeP paint system and Ecovolt is offering training for the product through the company’s accredited training partner.

Find Ecovolt on stand H475 at HVAC 2017.


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