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Cavity Tray Cleaner

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Cavity Train Cleaner Ltd

Introducing the Cavity Tray Cleaner, a groundbreaking tool reshaping UK construction. Crafted by a bricklayer, it swiftly collects excess mortar on cavity trays, slashing time and costs. Its modular design assembles and disassembles swiftly, excelling in cleaning 10m runs and scaling up to 40m sets for extensive projects. Founder Ashley Williams declares this a game-changer, replacing laborious practices. Crafted from recycled plastic, its train-like structure prevents mortar tracking, maintaining cleanliness. Besides efficiency gains, it safeguards tray integrity and unobstructed 'weep holes', aligning with NHBC standards. This innovative tool is poised to transform cavity tray maintenance for professionals nationwide.

Company Name

Cavity Tray Cleaner


The Exeter Business Hub
Queensgate House
48 Queen Street
United Kingdom

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  • INTRODUCING A SIMPLE EFFECTIVE TOOL Designed to rest within the cavity, on top of the cavity tray, the Cavity Tray Cleaner is a tool that enables the collection of fallen mortar between cavities of ne ...
  • Cavity Tray Cleaner

    22 Aug 2023 Km
    The Cavity Tray Cleaner is an innovative and time-saving tool designed specifically for bricklayers and builders in the United Kingdom. Developed by a professional bricklayer, this tool collects exces ...
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