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DuraPost® by Birkdale

Stand: B660
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DuraPost is a revolutionary fence post system. Lighter yet tougher than traditional systems, it’s strength and durability make for quick and easy installation, while a sleek and stylish finish helps keep your customers satisfied.  

Made in the UK from galvanised steel and 80% lighter than concrete, DuraPost is tough enough for the job while remaining easy to handle and reducing transport costs.

Where traditional timber posts rot and concrete posts suffer hairline cracks, causing the structures to weaken and snap, DuraPost stands strong. Less snags, minimal upkeep and a guarantee of up to 25 years gives you more happy customers

Company Name

DuraPost® by Birkdale


Granville House
The Heights Business Park
Ibstone Road Stokenchurch
HP14 3BG
United Kingdom

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  • Take a look at this stunning new build development of 119 houses in Brecon, Wales with DuraPost installed in the front and back gardens - initially specified with concrete but the lightweight and styl ...
  • DuraPost® is the lightweight, strong and durable alternative to wood or concrete fence posts. Made in the UK from cold rolled galvanised steel, the patented design is suitable for virtually any type o ...
  • With innovation at the core of the DuraPost® brand, we introduce our new composite solution - the ‘Vento’. It’s made from up to 70% recycled materials, so not only are the ‘Hit & Miss’ style panels mo ...
  • DuraPost® is the lightweight, strong and durable alternative to wood or concrete fence posts. Made in the UK from cold rolled galvanised steel, the patented design is suitable for virtually any type o ...
  • Today we'll be looking at a Sepia Brown Composite DuraPost Fence that was installed in Southern Ireland by FRS Fencing.
  • At DuraPost®, we believe that a gate can do more than just provide access to and from your property. We believe it should enhance the look of your outdoor space and become a key feature of your garden ...
  • Commercial DuraPost is a larger and stronger alternative to classic DuraPost Perfect for taller residential projects or for use on construction sites for hoarding applications.
  • Urban boundaries deserve sharp design and cutting-edge materials. With increasing social awareness amongst home-owners, they also need to be long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance ...
  • For a traditional, hard-wearing garden fence DuraPost Prima Gravel Boards are designed as easy to install tongue-and-groove units which stack tightly and neatly one on top of another. Prima Gravel Boa ...
  • With a ‘hit-and-miss’ design Vento Panels product a beautifully symmetrical finish to both sides of the fence. ‘Vento’ is Latin for ‘in the wind’ and this is the ideal fence to instal in breezy locati ...
  • The Classic DuraPost® provides style and stability to fencing projects. They can withstand the elements too and have been wind tested in speeds of up to 110mph. Made from pre-galvanised steel, they ar ...
  • Developed with a focus on style and aesthetics, the Urban Slatted Composite Panel achieves the ideal balance between the beauty and character of timber and the high performance of a modern, composite ...
  • In order to combat this decline, experts from Hedgehog Street (a joint campaign run by BHPS and PTES) suggest focusing on maintaining and improving suitable habitats for hedgehogs living in urban and ...
  • Birkdale has launched Commercial DuraPost® in response to increased demand for stronger commercial fencing, which has been demonstrated by the rise in RSJ metal sections or H section steel fence posts ...
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