Energy 2019


Heacol Limited are very proud to announce that we will be officially launching our new Innovative AquaXchange at this year’s UK Construction Week.

Heacol AquaXchange

The AquaXchange is a water to water heat exchanger specifically designed to harvest energy from both running and stationary water.
This revolutionary new product is specifically designed to connected to a ground source heat pump to collect the renewable energy from the water instead of the ground.

Due to its construction and configuration it is the most compact and versatile unit on the market.
This enables higher return temperatures resulting in heating system efficiencies being raised.
Due to the marine grade material it is manufactured from, the AquaXchange can be utilized in salt water such as in the sea. Due to its unique properties life form or build-up of matter is unlikely to attach to the unit. Thereby retaining the heat transfer properties over time.

See them feature on the Innovation Trail and arrange a meeting with them.

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