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WElink Group is delighted to sponsor the REA Theatre at UK Construction Week 2017. This has been a significant year for WElink following a successful showcase of our modular construction at the UN’s Habitat III conference in Quito in 2016. In the UK, we have been working hard on perfecting the design and construction of a prototype low carbon modular property for the UK market, which allows for adaptations to be made to meet localised requirements.

In late 2016, we announced our first significant deal in the UK with a ground-breaking joint venture with a North-West housing association, Your Housing Group, to delivery 25,000 low carbon modular homes over five years – worth £2.5bn. This is only the first of many as we seek similar opportunities with housing associations, local authorities, universities, government bodies, and others with an aim to reach an annual delivery of 25,000 homes per year by 2022 in the UK.

Founded in 2007, WElink Group is a specialised renewable energy company with extensive experience of solar project development and the design and implementation of energy efficiency programmes internationally.

We are now a leading global innovator, developer, financial aggregator, and facilities manager of modern, energy efficient modular constructions, working in collaboration with the world’s leading building materials company, China National Buildings Material (CNBM).

We’ve combined our success in renewable energy to create modern building structures and community dwellings which are not only low-carbon and efficient in their construction but low-carbon and efficient in their application and operation.

Our construction expertise combines energy efficient materials, modular construction methods, and renewable energy in a range of building structures and applications including: residential living (social, affordable and private), commercial development, student accommodation, and community and care amenities.

WElink is delivering the future….naturally.

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