7-8 May 2025 | ExCeL London
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2023 Concrete Expo Preview

Concrete Expo London: Preview One

A sold-out showcase with many more stands this year!

This year’s event (2-3 May, ExCeL, London) has seen very encouraging growth in the numbers of exhibitors and brands showing, many for the first time at a concrete UK showcase for several years. Where other similar industry shows get smaller with exhibitor stands, Concrete Expo gets bigger, year-on-year. The London show is probably best summed up by returning exhibitor Armcon (CE250), British manufacturer of volumetric mixers, who said via their social media: “We will be exhibiting at the best concrete show in the UK, so please come and see us at Concrete Expo in London.”

A large number of exhibitors attending won’t be showing together at any other similar show in the UK this year, past or planned, so making a visit a great opportunity to catch up on the latest technology.

Here we look in the first of two previews, (the second one comes next week), on some of what you can see at London’s specialist show for concrete and concrete-related products with a small selection covered here from the 100 brands on display.

There are lots of returning exhibitors too, like Adfil (CE21), with over three decades of experience in the development and application of synthetic fibre concrete reinforcement.

Recycling and helping to decarbonise the construction industry

New exhibitor ROBOVOID (CE333) provides its 100% recycled plastic void former solution and advanced manufacturing technology to assist in decarbonising the construction industry. The system can reduce the mass of concrete required in building elements by up to 70%, provide excellent thermal performance and fire ratings, and achieve robust and efficient structures. Its versatility enables its use in a broad range of concrete and non-concrete applications.

Another new exhibitor is Néolithe (CE30), which also has products that are recycled - an industrial start-up specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of Fossilizers, units for the treatment of non-recyclable waste (non-inert and non-hazardous) with accelerated Fossilization. With lower GHG emissions and the ability to reuse 100% of the treated waste in mineral aggregates that can be used in the construction sector, this innovative process is an alternative to landfill and incineration.

TruckMoveSpecialist Concrete Software

TruckMove (CE347) is a modular, cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive control of the cost and quality of transporting concrete per volume. This innovative system enables effective monitoring of the entire fleet of concrete mixers, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs (up to 25%). Optimisation of the vehicle fleet and management of routes reduces the number of concrete mixers used and contains CO2 emissions. Truckmove is flexible and can be customised to meet specific requirements.

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Seminar Sessions

Interesting talks and seminars have been expanded too. This year sees the most comprehensive two-day programme about concrete. 
Part of the presentations includes one from Josh Graham of EHAB (which helps construction companies control and cap their weather risk) will focus on how the likelihood of concrete activities being disrupted has changed over the last 20 years. The risks and opportunities, and what might happen going forward.

Giatec Scientific (CE120), returning as an exhibitor from last year, will explain in the Theatre how hardware and software solutions can bring advanced smart testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite, driving innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and provide construction workers with a whole new level of efficiency while reducing concrete’s carbon footprint.

A full list of seminars, including those talks and demonstrations in UK Construction Week can be seen here.

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Latest Products

From Australia comes Unison (CE342), with Unidome Concrete Formers that reduce the concrete consumption of reinforced slabs, saving up to 35% and making the slabs equally lighter. Furthermore, up to 20% of steel reinforcement can be saved without reducing the load-bearing capacity. As a direct result concrete slabs can be thinner, spans can be larger, entire building structures slimmer and foundations can be reduced.camfaud

CCL and Bekaert have come together in partnership on stand CE520 to develop an innovative new concrete slab technology, SigmaSlab®. Combining all the benefits of CCL post-tensioning with the advantages of Dramix® steel fibre concrete reinforcement.

New Concrete Expo exhibitor, Gentex Europe (CE430) will be showcasing the DEWALT® respiratory protection range at the show, along with their own brand, PureFlo® powered respirators offering 4-in-1 respiratory, head, face & hearing protection. The DEWALT® and PureFlo® ranges are perfect for use in extreme working environments where operators need high quality respiratory protection when subjected to higher levels of concrete, silica and cement dust, when sawing brick/concrete, concrete grinding/sanding/drilling, and cement/concrete mixer cleaning.

oguraVimpex are UK distributors of Ogura Rebar Cutters and Rebar Benders, manufactured in Japan since 1928. Ogura are a leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic tools, which improve safety and efficiency on sites. The full range of Ogura Rebar Cutters and Benders: 110v reb. The cordless tools can be used anywhere on site and are ideal for cutting rebar in situ in hard-to-reach spaces.

Another new exhibitor joining the London showcase is O.C.O® Technology (CE310) specialising in carbon capture, sustainable construction products and waste treatment. The company has developed a Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) process to treat and stabilise thermal residues, and in turn valorise them into sustainable construction products such as carbon negative aggregate.

moasureMoasure, from exhibitor 3D Technologies, will demonstrate how patented technology allows professionals in the concrete industry to work with its ability to measure and draw – rapidly and simultaneously. Measuring complex shapes with traditional tools has so much potential for error.

Thanks to its patented technology, Moasure makes measuring difficult, simple. Moasure enables concrete project estimators to measure in a completely new way, just by moving from one point to another, with measurement data captured in real-time and viewable on a smartphone or tablet screen. Users can draw while measuring, capture in 3D, factor in gradients and elevations and calculate the area of complex spaces with ease – even around obstacles.

See the full Exhibitor list here and their descriptions of products: https://www.ukconstructionweek.com/concrete-expo/exhibitors


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