8-9 May 2024 | ExCel London
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2023 Concrete Expo Preview 2

Concrete Expo London: Preview Two

Impressive Selection: It’s Concrete (Expo) Showtime!

Here we look at the second of two previews on some of what you can see at London’s specialist show for concrete and concrete-related products (2-3 May ExCeL.London). 

Admixtures & Additives

This year's Concrete Expo is big on concrete technology with a comprehensive selection of companies and brands showing their ranges of admixtures and additives; products that can enhance concrete performance, reinforce, control cracking, waterproof, produce low CO2 concrete, reduce production costs, prevent micro-cracking and counteract compressive strength loss, in fact whatever the requirement it is more than likely to be at this year’s enlarged London concrete showcase.

The choice of concrete reinforcement has an important impact on the quality, safety and longevity of structures. Using the right reinforcement compensates for the low strain capacity of concrete and it helps control cracks. Bekaert’s Dramix® steel fibre concrete reinforcement (CE520) offers an efficient and versatile solution. 

CHRYSO (CE225) is a global leader in construction chemicals, developing innovative solutions and services for sustainable construction. Concrete admixtures are used to achieve concrete performance, produce low CO2 concrete, and enhance productivity.

When it comes to the precast and concrete industry, exceptional performance has become a standard. That means that in this sector, good quality just isn’t good enough anymore. Only the highest quality will do. With the Logco (CE101) range of chemical solutions including a curing agent, formwork repair resin and a heavy-duty acrylic sealer, Logco continually provide dependable, high-quality products that meet strict standards and regulations.

kryptonOn stand CE235 visitors will find Kryton International Inc., the inventor of the crystalline waterproofing admixture and has been waterproofing concrete structures with their proprietary Krystol® technology since 1973.

Omya (CE341) is a leading supplier of white minerals and chemicals. Omya UK is part of Omya Group, a multinational based in Switzerland. Omya is a world leader in the manufacture of fillers and pigments derived from calcium carbonate. Omya is also a major chemical distributor supplying the UK market with an extensive range of industrial raw materials and chemicals alongside its white mineral products.

GCP Applied Technologies (CE225) has over 50 years of industry expertise and decades of success in creating new product categories and markets. Their portfolio of construction products includes concrete and cement additives, building materials and technologies that ensure specified quality and enhance business productivity.  Industry-leading admixtures include; high-range water reducers and super-plasticisers for stronger, more workable concrete; Mid- and low-range water reducers; Shrinkage reducers that protect against cracking; and products that add colour or texture to concrete. 

Formwork recostal

DYWIDAG Group, owner of the largest selection of reinforced concrete technologies in Europe has changed the name of the brand DY.CO to DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies. The recent rebrand will help to establish that its products and services are integral to DYWIDAG’s business. 

RECOSTAL, a sub-brand of DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies, specialises in the design and manufacture of formwork systems and reinforcement R technology. Products include foundation formwork systems, self-supporting edge formwork and self-supporting formwork units for concreting joints, expansion joint elements, and reinforcement of continuous and coupling systems.

Structural Waterproofing Systems

Another brand of DYWIDAG Concrete Technologies is CONTEC, known for its innovative waterproofing systems since 1980. CONTEC products are used in structural and civic engineering, as well as in prefabricated construction, and include all types of sealing, from concrete joints to surface sealing against, for example, water and gas leakage.

Volumetric Mixers

Armcon are the largest and best-known British-made manufacturer. The Mixer Division sells the DuraLight model which is a lightweight mixer that can deliver up to 8 cubic metres of concrete of any mix design.  They also have a larger mixer, the Duramax, for more specialist applications. Armcon offers static mixers to suit a range of customer requirements - from collect concrete and drum mixer filling to ornamental precast concrete. 

enviroThe Titan is a complete rethinking of the traditional Volumetric design which has largely remained unchanged for 50 years. With the body constructed from Hardox® steel, the service life of the mixer is greatly increased. Other features include a cyclone hydraulic system and a completely automated user control panel with the added advantages of Batch-Pro Connect, which brings new levels of connectivity and automation to volumetric mixing and dispatch. 

U.S. manufacturer Cemen Tech is sold in the UK under the Volumech brand. Claimed to be the UK's leading supplier to the volumetric industry. Volumech is uniquely positioned to support their customers through a combination of global experience and local expertise and capabilities with the largest store of spare parts in the UK, in-house concrete lab and full field repair capabilities.

New entrant into the UK market is the Enviro Volumetric Mixer. The ENVIRO Volumetric Mixer (CE450) is a UK-built solution for the delivery of site-batched concrete. The ENVIRO mixer has been developed to ensure that the performance of its hydraulics and control systems are optimised to minimise fuel use and maximise output without compromising the environment. 

Concrete / Screed Floor Specialists cemfloor

On the Longfloor stand CE160, the company is showing their IntegraCure product. Since the introduction of horizontally laid self-compacting concretes some 20 years ago and more recently, cementitious flowing screeds, these materials have all been bound by the same problem – the need to use a spray-applied curing agent.

Another exhibitor, RCR Flooring Products (stand CE220) will be showcasing their three flooring product brands at the London show again - Permaban, Rinol and Rockland. Visitors will be able to find out about Permaban Signature AR, a ‘repair and upgrade’ system for damaged construction joints in concrete floors.

Another exhibitor, Cemfloor from McGrath on stand CE538, produces a high-performance liquid screed that is quick to lay, dry and cure.


Utranazz, Concrete Equipment Specialists, with two stands this year, will be showcasing two of their best-selling concrete pumps for city centres and confined spaces on stand CE441. The TB40 City Pump Concrete Line Pump is the must-have pump for urban works and confined spaces, which offers an affordable alternative to larger truck-mounted concrete pumps. The TB40 City Pump combines powerful pumping at 40m3/hour with a compact size.

city pumpThe TB40/T - is a lightweight, compact, road-towing trailer concrete pump with a 40m3/hour output. It is fitted with the latest Stage V engine, ensuring compliance with the London emissions standards, and can pump up to 35mm concrete or shotcrete at a horizontal reach of 200m and vertical reach of 100m (dependent on concrete quality, slump and aggregates). It is ideal for tight access areas and city centre sites. 

The range of Frumecar batching plants includes Fixed or Mobile & Dry Batch or Wet Batch options giving even greater flexibility to ensure that you get the plant that works best for your business. 

Designed to perform day after day with minimal maintenance and is built with high-quality components that are designed to last. Specialist surface coatings to give long-lasting protection and reliability as standard on all models.




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