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Through collaboration and a unified voice, UK construction can make itself heard like never before, shout about its positive impact on our society, and educate the wider population on its importance.

Forming part of a wider campaign that harnesses the power of social media and national press to champion our industry, the UK Construction Week blog – Construction Matters – aims to provide an invaluable platform for both industry stakeholders and innovative brands to address the key themes and topics facing UK construction today.

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Disrupting the Industry Delivery Models

30/05/2018, 13:46 | By: Kevin Wiltshire | #Collaboration
disrupting-the-industry-delivery-models Ahead of his talk at UK Construction Week, Kevin Wiltshire, Senior Consultant at Renault-Nissan Consulting, explains how cross-industry expertise and a bilateral exchange of ideas can add value to construction. Every industry is unique isn’t it? Unique challenges, unique problems, unique data to show...
delivering-right-first-time-though-the-inspection-and-test-plan-process Ahead of his talk at the Quality in Construction Summit on June 7, Mike Buss, Head of Quality at Taylor Woodrow, discusses the true purpose of an Inspection & Test Plan, and explains that while an essential assurance tool, we must consider how we plan, manage and monitor the delivery process itself if...

Component ‘culture’ can kill

15/05/2018, 15:02 | By: David Frise | #Innovation
component-culture-can-kill The construction industry currently operates like a poorly structured assembly line. Now, because of the Grenfell Tower fire, it will have to start behaving like a manufacturer, says David Frise, Chief Executive at the Building Engineering Services Association. There used to be an old saying that...