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Through collaboration and a unified voice, UK construction can make itself heard like never before, shout about its positive impact on our society, and educate the wider population on its importance.

Forming part of a wider campaign that harnesses the power of social media and national press to champion our industry, the UK Construction Week blog – Construction Matters – aims to provide an invaluable platform for both industry stakeholders and innovative brands to address the key themes and topics facing UK construction today.

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A brave new future for 21st century Birmingham

25/10/2018, 09:51 | By: Matt Suddaby | #Innovation
a-brave-new-future-for-21st-century-birmingham Matt Suddaby, Communications Consultant at Birmingham PR agency, spottydog, shares insight from UK Construction Week’s recent talk, Changing the Skyline of Birmingham, to highlight how huge investment in infrastructure, sustainability, new housing and connectivity will change the face of the...

From Beige to Green – Designing a way forward

17/10/2018, 13:05 | By: Graham Brown | #Innovation
from-beige-to-green-designing-a-way-forward Can we design our way out of the mess we’re in? Fresh from his talk at UK Construction Week – Britain’s Hyper Filter and the New World’s Spine – Graham Brown, Director at Envelope Architects, shares insights into the innovative design and manufacturing techniques that could save our planet. The...

The time is now to build our future

04/10/2018, 12:06 | By: Nathan Garnett | #Image
building-an-exhibition-for-construction UK Construction Week’s Nathan Garnett looks ahead to next week’s show, highlighting the key topics for discussion, the importance of role models and why in an ever evolving industry, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. Building an exhibition must provide some insight on what it's like to work...