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Through collaboration and a unified voice, UK construction can make itself heard like never before, shout about its positive impact on our society, and educate the wider population on its importance.

Forming part of a wider campaign that harnesses the power of social media and national press to champion our industry, the UK Construction Week blog – Construction Matters – aims to provide an invaluable platform for both industry stakeholders and innovative brands to address the key themes and topics facing UK construction today.

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The role of BIM in cities

25/01/2018, 14:27 | By: Teresa Gonzalez Rico | #Innovation
the-role-of-bim-in-cities Teresa Gonzalez Rico, Director of Infrastructure Systems at Urban Innovation Labs, discusses the role of BIM in cities and advancements in services and systems through digitisation. The socioeconomic impact of our built environment on cities and communities has the potential throughout the asset...

Carillion: Were the government distracted by Brexit?

18/01/2018, 15:37 | By: Nathan Garnett | #Blog
carillion-were-the-government-distracted-by-brexit Following the dramatic collapse of Carillion, UK Construction Week’s Nathan Garnett asks, did the UK’s second largest construction company slip through the cracks because the government were sidetracked by Brexit, and are private finance initiatives really devoid of risk? The demise of Carillion this...

Tearing down walls

09/01/2018, 17:16 | By: Håvard Bell | #Skills
tearing-down-walls Ahead of his talk at The Ultimate BIM Summit on 31 January, Håvard Bell, CEO at Catenda AS, explains how in the age of digitization, the construction industry should be tearing down walls, not building them. We might be in the business of building walls, but when it comes to the ways we will work...

Bridging the gap between industry and education

03/01/2018, 12:40 | By: Mirona Tomala | #Skills
bridging-the-gap-between-industry-and-education Mirona Tomala, Development Graduate at Southern Housing Group, draws on her recent experience as a post-graduate to address some of the key factors contributing to the UK's construction skills crisis. The status of the skills shortage in the industry is well and widely known; reports published,...