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Construction Matters... and so do you

Through collaboration and a unified voice, UK construction can make itself heard like never before, shout about its positive impact on our society, and educate the wider population on its importance.

Forming part of a wider campaign that harnesses the power of social media and national press to champion our industry, the UK Construction Week blog – Construction Matters – aims to provide an invaluable platform for both industry stakeholders and innovative brands to address the key themes and topics facing UK construction today.

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moving-towards-smarter-buildings-infrastructure-and-energy Paul Reeve, Director of Business and External Affairs at the Electrical Contractors’ Association, predicts the 2017 climate for the electrical energy industry. The production, distribution and use of electrical energy has always invited technological change, and, occasionally, commercial disruption....

Competency equals customer service?

20/03/2017, 10:51 | By: Roger Webb | #Skills
competency-equals-customer-service Roger Webb, Director of External Affairs for the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), reflects on the recent publication of The Bonfield Review and what implications this may have for plumbing and heating professionals in the UK. After much anticipation and with little...
are-the-virtues-of-iot-subject-to-hype-or-becoming-part-of-the-fake-news-that-is-becoming-the-vogue-of-2016-17 Brian Back, Managing Director and Founder of Radio Data Networks Limited, on the misinformation concerning IoT, why it’s important to educate the market to ask the right questions, and who is actually responsible should it all go wrong? Has anybody stopped to think about the consequences of IoT...

Why don’t young people want to work in construction?

06/03/2017, 09:53 | By: Jacques Prior-Chadfield | #Image
why-don-t-young-people-want-to-work-in-construction The construction industry is facing a skills shortage and not enough young people are taking up careers in the sector. Why are millennials turning their backs on jobs in construction and what needs to be done to spin their opinions back around? Fifteen year old guest blogger and Year 10 work...

Construction Matters… and so do you

05/03/2017, 10:55 | By: Nathan Garnett | #Blog
construction-matters-and-so-do-you To mark the launch of the UK Construction Week blog, Event Director, Nathan Garnett, discusses the importance of a unified voice, why it's essential our education system invests in the next generation of construction talent and how you can help champion the industry through UK Construction Week’s...