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Construction Matters… and so do you

05/03/2017 | By: Nathan Garnett | #Blog

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To mark the launch of the UK Construction Week blog, Event Director, Nathan Garnett, discusses the importance of a unified voice, why it's essential our education system invests in the next generation of construction talent and how you can help champion the industry through UK Construction Week’s latest campaign, Construction Matters.

There is no doubt that we are living through turbulent times, I don’t think anyone would argue with that. What is in doubt is whether this period in time will become a positive or negative influence on the UK construction industry as a whole. UK Construction Week aims to help make it a positive one. How? I hear you say! Well, in just two short years, UK Construction Week has become the UK’s largest gathering of industry professionals in one place. It is rapidly developing a community, bringing together all walks of the construction trade in a way that has not happened for decades. Through collaboration and a unified voice, the construction industry can make its voice heard like never before, shout about its positive impact on our society, and educate the wider population about how vital a sector it is for our long term prosperity and well-being.

UK Construction Week will be championing construction through Construction Matters. This will be a trade and consumer campaign that harnesses the power of social media and national press. It will also engage our UK Construction Week stakeholders that represent the two million employees in this sector, as well as the innovative and powerful brands that operate within it. We are asking all of you to contribute in whatever way you can. That could be by sending us an opinion piece for our blog, suggesting ideas of innovative features for UK Construction Week, highlighting your own Construction Heroes and Role Models that you know or work with, staging an event at UK Construction Week this October, or by sharing with us what you are doing that deserves being shouted from the roof tops.

As construction innovation shifts up a gear, and decades of technological developments are now having a real impact on the speed and nature of what and how we build, there can be no better time to be in this industry. As we all know, this message is crucial and needs to be delivered into primary and secondary schools as a matter of urgency – or we simply won’t develop the talent and expertise to capitalise on all this investment. UK Construction Week and Construction Matters will be tackling this and we welcome you to join us.

I am delighted to say that UK Construction Week has been nominated for best UK trade show in what is the event industry’s equivalent to the Oscars. The reason for this success is the willingness of the industry to embrace this new event; including our partners who have given us inspiration, helped shape the event from the off, and given us their unequivocal support. Now the UK is heading for major political and economic changes, the need for a louder unified voice and a place to gather, disseminate and shape what is happening has never been more important. So it is with real excitement that we are planning the 2017 event, and feel that we really can harness the power of the community that is developing.

NathanG small BLOGNathan has worked in the event industry for 17 years and is currently responsible for UK Construction Week and 100% Optical. In a very short space of time Nathan has spearheaded these two launch events to become market leaders in their respective fields.



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