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UK Construction Week will showcase 1,000s of new and truly innovative products at Birmingham’s NEC. To ensure the visitors uncover the very best in these innovations, UK Construction Week have launched the Innovation Trail Programme in 2016 – a selection of cutting-edge products handpicked by our editorial committee.

Each featured exhibitor will be promoted via emails, social media, newspapers and direct mails and will be highlighted on the official show map.

In 2016, featured exhibitors included Pavegen, EcoVolt, Grace Gallagher, Graphenstone, Wikihouse, 3D Systems and many more.

See the products that featured on the Innovation Trail in 2016!

TrailPavegenFlooring expert and Energy 2016 Tech Partner and exhibitor, Pavegen tiled a portion of the show floor that leads up to a bar and use the kinetic energy created by the footfall to light up the bar! Its new unique triangular design maximises energy output and data capture. Its high durability and simple deployability allows Pavegen to generate renewable energy where and when it is needed. Pavegen’s flooring is entirely customisable to reflect any brand identity with the ability to seamlessly integrate into any indoor or outdoor location. Visit their webpage here.

Grid Connections and 2016 energy exhibitor and Energy Hub sponsor, g2 EnergyG2 Inno trail presented their energy container as part of this year's UKCW Innovation Trail. g2 Energy are a Lloyds registered, NERs accredited, Independent Connection Provider (ICP) and can provide Contestable works up to and including 132kV.

To date, g2 Energy have successfully completed in excess of 250 Grid Connections to the National Grid, equating to over 1.3GW of embedded generation connected. Visit their exhibitors page here.


Grace Inno trailBritish Designer, Grace Gallagher exhibited and showcased her latest surfaces and objects for interiors at the Materials Lab at the Surface and Materials Show. For Grace, drawing and making are meditative processes that connect her with her chosen material. It is about slowing down, looking down, taking a moment to be present and really look at the world around us. It is about celebrating the beauty of the ordinary, the subtle and the overlooked, through pattern, texture and shape. Visit her web page here.

Eco volt Inno trailHVAC 2016 exhibitor, EcoVolt, launched and showcased market's latest innovative self-heating paint, JouleTherm CeP. The industry's heating specialist introduced JouleTherm CeP to market at the Innovation Trail, a 24V conductive paint heating system that can be installed onto plasterboard walls to create a radiant heating surface of up to 300W / M². Visit their webpage here.

Adaptavate Inno trailAward winning materials company, Adaptavate launched their first product 'Breathaplasta' during UK Construction Week. At the Innovation Trail,they demonstrated how easy it is to use plaster that has all the technical benefits associated to it as Breathabaord but can be used as a skim surface finish to most materials, including plasterboard.
Visit their website here.

Graphenstone Inno trail

Graphenstone new 2D material - Boasting an impressive list of superlatives, their product is 200 times stronger than steel, the thinnest material on earth, the world’s most conductive material, as well as being transparent, impermeable and flexible. Visit their webpage here.


WikiHouse Inno trailWikihouse provides an open platform for inventors, designers and citizens to build a global commons: a continuously improving library, or ‘Wikipedia for things’, of low-cost, high-performance design solutions for housing, neighbourhoods and cities. It is a product of three massive trends: open design, automation and digital manufacturing - catalysts for the third industrial revolution.

3D systems3D Systems will showcase their new printing tools and objects ideal for construction sites and a variety of materials that they may hopefully incorporate into the overall feature. 

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HVAC 2016 exhibitor, RA Tech will display their new Hotun range which was recently won the Travis Perkins Innovation Awards. Hotun and hotun hiflo are revolutionary dry trap tundishes that allow a connection to be made, compliantly, from an unvented boilers PRV to an internal drain or soil pipes without allowing foul smells to infiltrate back into the building. 

Apilada Inno trailAnd that's not all, catch all these other products along your journey as you wander across the Materials Lab en route! Designed by Here You Are Studio, the Award-winning experts Material Lab curated a 125 sq.m. material library forming a focal point of the Surface & Materials Show uniting leading manufacturers and designers, and emerging talent.
Grace Gallagher
Apilada Vorchart (Maize) Vorchart
Studio Ilio (Steel Wool / 3-D printed materials) 
Anni Tavener (Foiled surfaces / Concrete tiles) 
Rachel Howarth (Innovative aluminium artworks) 
Izzy Webb

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