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By improving employee health and wellbeing through better working environments we can aim to increase productivity by up to 8% with benefits realised within 12 months.

At Asset Mapping we are already delivering those outcomes, and while our platform can also help you reduce your energy bills and create efficiencies in facilities management budgets, at 1% and 9% respectively of an average company's total running costs compared to 90% represented by your staff. We think making your people happier and more productive is a fantastic, and probably more effective, reason to start making your buildings smarter.

People spend 90% of their lives indoors and a third of that at work and a revolution is underway where HR and FM are working together to build attractive workspaces, on site healthy eating options, exercise spaces and other initiatives to help the workforce be at their best. Until recently though the tools to measure the real-time quality of factors such as light, heat, humidity, noise and air in enough detail to be useful did not exist, but the Internet of Things has changed that and at Asset Mapping we offer you our seasoned expertise to help you take advantage of this developing Property Technology.

Using our unique toolkit we will simply, but securely, collect and analyse data from any sensor type (or from one of our recommended bundle of sensors), see all that data on maps of your workspaces and then provide useful guidance from what we learn together. We will help you understand and manage the health of your building and its utilisation to grow productivity in your most valuable asset, your people.

The alternative? Poor environments can lead to sick building syndrome (SBS) and sickness costs UK employers an estimated £36bn a year, around 5% of the total wages bill. In addition, millennials, who will represent more the 75% of the workforce by 2025, are more demanding in their desire to have healthy workplaces. It is fast becoming a requirement to recognise this to attract, and more importantly keep, the best talent. Why should we care about this seemingly soft benefit? Because expense related to staff turnover currently dwarfs sickness costs by over seven times that amount each year.

Asset Mapping is a shared digital workspace which can be viewed by building owners, facility managers, employers and staff creating a sense of cooperation, transparency and care in an area of growing importance, contributing to a boost in employee satisfaction and retention. Of course, building owners and facilities managers will benefit in unique ways as well, through better management of energy and maintenance budgets and we are excited to also help in these areas as well as through a focus on building health and wellness.

To get started please visit us at, contact us via [email protected] or in person on stand S40 (Smart Building arena) at UK Construction week and we will be honoured to assist you.

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